Nomenclature vs. Classification – Part 2

Part II of
Nomenclature vs. Classification

3M HIS Blog

You did such a good job playing the role of Imelda in Part 1 (nomenclature), are you ready to resume for Part 2 (classification)?

Good. Let’s get started. You’ve more or less solved the problem of talking about your 10,000 pairs of shoes (admirers send new ones every day), but the big headache now is how to find them when you want them.

Then, for your birthday, your husband, Ferdie, adds a new room to the palace with 256 big bins, or “cubbyholes,” as your servants prefer to call them. So you and they get right to work. You soon realize that no single attribute sorts the shoes into 256 neat categories. Color, for example: the “black” cubbyhole would be overflowing onto the floor while the “puce with lime heels” would have only one pair in it. After nine tries, you finally get a scheme…

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