mHealth events for 2013

مدونة تحتوي على المؤتمرات القادمة والتي تهتم بالهواتف الذكية والتقنية الصحية.

mHealth Insight

In 2010, 2011 and 2012 I compiled posts documenting mHealth themed events and it’s become a useful resource for those looking to get involved in the growing number of industry events that are taking place.

After returning from the mHealth Summit in Washington DC (the premier annual industry event that in 2012 was attended by 4,050 delegates and 300 exhibiting companies – up from 3,000 delegates/220 exhibitors in 2011) it’s great to see the momentum continuing to build not just in quality and size but also in the number of events (2 in ’09, 48 in ’10, 78 in ’11 and 100 in ’12).

It’s also great to see that online networking opportunities have expanded considerably eg. the mHealth networking group (check out some member introductions here if you’re not already a member) that I set up on Linkedin in 2008 has doubled in size over the…

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