Interoperability for Dummies

مقالة تتحدث عن التوافق بين الأنظمة والحلول الصحية وكيف ان عدم توافق الأنظمة كان ومازال يهتبر عثرة في طريق تطوير مستوى الخدمات والرعاية الصحية للمواطن الأمريكي. المقالة تتحدث عن كتاب تم اصداره قبل اسابيع قليلة كان الهدف من اصداره هو الثقيف وشرح التوافقية واهميتها وطرق الوصول لها. الكتاب مجاني ويمكن الوصول له من خلال الرابط الموجود في المقالة.
التوافقية بين الأنظمة تعني (بشكل مبسط )مقدرة نظامين او اكثر بان يتبادلا البيانات الصحية بشكل إلكتروني.


Interoperability (or the lack of) has recently become a high profile topic, drawing substantial national media attention. In summary, and in spite of our best collective efforts, we are still unable to ensure that individuals (or clinicians) have ready access to information about their health (or healthcare) whenever and wherever it is needed, governed by the appropriate privacy and security.

One roadblock is that healthcare stakeholders are used to working in silos, with information tailored primarily to individual requirements, or those of their organization. For decades, hospitals and other provider organizations have cobbled together systems using interfaces, focused on their specific integration needs.

When I worked in the IT department of a community-based hospital I was a willing contributor to that isolated approach which was easier to accomplish and typically addressed the immediate problem. But for decades, the healthcare industry has been talking about the need and vision for health…

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