Getting to the Good Stuff: An Active User’s Opinion of ICD-10

“Getting to the Good Stuff: An Active User’s Opinion of ICD-10”

3M HIS Blog

Like everyone, I’ve watched the back-and-forth comments on ICD -10. I know the AMA is still in opposition, but I really was quite amazed when I read the Medical Group Management (MGMA) study that tries to help explain one of the AMA’s reasons for opposition. MGMA did a study of ICD-10 preparedness among medical practices. Apparently the survey found a surprisingly high number of medical practices that rely on “unspecified” ICD-9 codes. In my opinion, that is unfortunate—no one should be using or paying for unspecified codes unless it is a new procedure or treatment that does not have a code to represent it yet. The pundit writing about the survey opined that “unspecified” will not work well in ICD-10, and this is one of the reasons why physicians are struggling. I beg to differ. Regardless of how specific the language is, there are still 22,728 ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes that…

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