The Turning of the ICD-10 Tide

“real examples of detail available in ICD-10 codes that could be used in specific ways to cut costs and improve outcomes.”

3M HIS Blog

Do we dare to hope that the message is getting through? After years of being swept out to sea by wave after wave of misinformation, has the tide finally turned for ICD-10?

The patience and persistence of some sharp, dedicated people on the ICD-10 front lines appears to have paid off. Two very encouraging articles have been published on the web recently. The first was posted July 15 in an online version of Time magazine.

Dr. Ricardo Martinez is an ER doctor who is also a consultant to help large hospital systems make the transition to ICD-10. He is the human focus of the article. But the usual ICD-10 background is there, and all of it is cast in a positive light. The tone of the article is so unlike all the rest up to this point. Previous articles seemed to enjoy picking on ICD-10 just because everyone else was.

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