CSHI2013 Conference – Presentations Available

CSHI2013 Conference – #Presentations Available


Prof. Christian Nohr and colleagues from Aalborg University in Denmark are pleased to announce that slides from the presentations of the pre-Medinfo2013 conference Context Sensitive Health Informatics, Human & Sociotechnical approaches are now available at the conference web site: http://cshi2013.org  – click on the programme link, and you will find the presentations that are available (where permission for use has been given). Presentations available  include those of keynote speakers Enrico Coiera and Elizabeth Borycki,

There is also a new item on the menu bar: pictures where you can see photos of all the presenters and participants (and Ross’ birthday cake 😉 )

It is unclear exactly what is happening here (perhaps Paul and Enrico are auditioning for the Wallabies), but the presenters concerned can doubtless explain 😉 …

cshiozThe IMIA working groups behind the conference had business meetings during Medinfo and decided to aim at a new CSHI conference prior…

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