APAMI2014 Conference: Submissions and Registration Open

APAMI2014 Conference: Submissions and Registration Open


iami Our colleagues in APAMI, and IAMI (the Indian Association for Medical Informatics), who are hosts and local organisers of the event, are pleased to announce that submissions are open for the APAMI2014 conference. See www.apami2014.com for full information and updates.

Information on abstract submission is available at http://www.apami2014.com/abstractsubmission.html and the page for submission of the abstracts is at http://www.apami2014.com/abstract/login.php (note that you will need to set up an account). The deadline for Abstract Submission is 30th March 2014 at 23:59 hrs (local time).

Registration is also open for the conference – see http://www.apami2014.com/registrationinformation.html – and the deadline for early bird registration is 15 May, 2014.

APAMI2014 (the 8th Conference of the Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics) will be held on 01 and 02 November, 2014 at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India.

IMIA is pleased to support the event, and the IMIA General Assembly meeting will be held…

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