Five Ways Patient Engagement Can Start in the Office

Five Ways Patient Engagement Can Start in the Office

The Digital Health Corner

There are over 58 million references to ‘patient engagement’ if one conducts a Google search. The term has been diluted and changed in the past couple of years and has become a buzz phrase, used more from a business than clinical benefit perspective.  The Center for Advancing Health defines patient engagement as “actions individuals must take to obtain the greatest benefit from the healthcare services available to them.” This implies that the engagement is generated by the patients themselves, not received from others or technology which is often implied. Engagement is a process which, as I have stated before, will require a change of the culture of healthcare, morphing the adversarial provider-patient relationship into a shared decision-making one. This process cannot result from the adoption of technology, regardless of how ‘patient-centric’ it might be. In a previous post I discussed how patient empowerment must precede patient engagement.  I think…

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