Big Data 2014 – Melbourne, Australia; 03-04 April

Big Data Conf.


Big Data 2014 ( will be held on 03-04 April, 2014 at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia. The event, organised by HISA (Health Informatics Society of Australia – follows on from the success of the inaugural Big Data Conference held in 2013. The conference explores big data in biomedicine and healthcare. Big Data 2014 will introduce clinicians, healthcare executives and managers both clinical and non-clinical, data and information professionals, health and bio informaticians, health policy makers, and academics to the exploding world of BIG DATA. The theme for Big Data 2014 is Big insights: Harnessing the power of health data. The conference will focus on the big questions: big insights, health outcomes, data visualisation, workforce, data linkage and analytics, genomics and privacy.

Full information about the event is on the HISA website, including programme and registration details –


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