mHealth events for 2014

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mHealth Insight

mHealth Events
In 2010 , 2011 , 2012 and 2013 I compiled posts documenting mHealth themed events and it’s become a useful resource for those looking to track and get involved in the growing number of industry events that are taking place around the world.

If you know of any mHealth meetings please share a link in the comments below and I’ll update this listing to include them:

Social Media in the Pharma Industry**
London, England
22-23 January 2014

mHealth Technologies for At-Risk Communities
UCLA, California
23 January 2014

Mobile Healthcare Summit
Toronto, Canada
28-29 January 2014

mHealth: smartphones as saviours?
Oxford Martin School, UK
6 February

mHealth Forum by MobileMonday MidAtlantic
Philadelphia, USA
10 February 2014

mHealth (EPSA Annual Reception)
Brussels, Belgium
11 February 2014

MobileMonday Manchester: The Future of Mobile Health
Manchester, UK
17 February 2014

mHealth Seminar, University of Edinburgh Medical School**
Edinburgh, Scotland
Tuesday 18th February


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