What It Will Take To Achieve The As-Yet-Unfulfilled Promises Of Health Information Technology

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“A team of RAND Corporation researchers projected in 2005
that rapid adoption of health information technology (IT) could save the
United States more than $81 billion annually. Seven years later the
empirical data on the technology’s impact on health care efficiency and
safety are mixed, and annual health care expenditures in the United
States have grown by $800 billion. In our view, the disappointing
performance of health IT to date can be largely attributed to several
factors: sluggish adoption of health IT systems, coupled with the choice
of systems that are neither interoperable nor easy to use; and the failure
of health care providers and institutions to reengineer care processes to
reap the full benefits of health IT. We believe that the original promise of
health IT can be met if the systems are redesigned to address these flaws
by creating more-standardized systems that are easier to use, are truly
interoperable, and afford patients more access to and control over their
health data. Providers must do their part by reengineering care processes
to take full advantage of efficiencies offered by health IT, in the context
of redesigned payment models that favor value over volume.”


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