Flipping the Clinic: Listen to your Patients they’ll tell you how they want you to care for them

mHealth Insight

(22Min) he said give me straight answers, I don’t want you to talk down to me. Give me easy access, he said his favourite thing is when he’s not sure about something​ ​he just wants to be able to pick up the phone​ ​and call his team and get​ ​an​ ​answer immediately. The idea of setting up an appointment​ ​and making a visit​ ​that does not appeal to him.​ ​He would love facetime. I​ ​asked him about texting and he said​ ​I’m gonna cut you old people some flack​ ​-​ ​which​ ​really​ ​em I don’t know​ ​- ​ but we won’t​ ​really feel like we need to text you all the time right now​ ​but you really need to get ready for this. So he said​ ​what I want is a strong bond between me​ ​and my​ ​care team. ​​He said I want the ability to express​ ​a concern…

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