Four Reasons Why Medical Images Must Be Included in Patient Portals

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Ami Halperin, R&D PACS Product Manager, Carestream Ami Halperin, R&D PACS Product Manager, Carestream

Electronic health and medical records (EHRs and EMRs) are commonplace in today’s medical environments. The rise in use of digitized records is in an effort to improve efficiency for physicians, and establish improved channels of communication between doctors and patients.

Often left out of the patient engagement equation are medical images. The biggest reason behind this is that radiologists and patients do not often interact. Radiologists typically send the images directly to the referring physician, leaving the patient in the dark.

As a testament to the importance of including medical images in the patient portal, we offer four reasons why patients should have access:

  1. Completes the health record. The health record does not start and end with data. The medical images provide a complete picture of patients’ history. Providing patients with access to the images in addition to data gives them a detailed…

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