Hydrocephalus Monitoring Method Hopes to be new mHealth App

DolleCommunications Blog

Monitoring Form for Hydrocephalus hopes to be new mHealth Mobile App Monitoring Form for Hydrocephalus hopes to be new mHealth Mobile App

This diagnostic patient monitoring form is a key component of the DiaCeph mHealth test for hydrocephalus, a #PMR & #EMR diagnostic method created by inventor & affected user Stephen Dolle, of Newport Beach, California. Dolle, who with a strong medical background in nuclear medicine imaging, developed hydrocephalus after an auto accident and brain injury in 1992. He used his background, research, and experiences to make his life, and the lives of others around the world living with hydrocephalus, better. He designed & patented his DiaCeph method back in 1997, where he hoped it could be made as a stand-alone app for a PDA, which would have made it one of the earliest mobile mHealth apps on record. Unable to raise the necessary funding then, he’s convinced his DiaCeph Test today is much more viable as a mobile data app…

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