Is your Health Organisation building an eHealth “Web” or “Waterfall”?


The image associated to this blog post shows two typical (very simplified) structures of an eHealth environment with the same number of clinical systems.

With a big drive in implementing and upgrading Clinical Information Systems, which eHealth integration structure is best for your organisation?  Below I’ve outlined a high level overview of the two structures and how they impact on the eHealth environment of your organisation, mainly from a technical point of view.

The first structure is an eHealth “Waterfall”, and is a very typical design of early (and many current) eHealth environments.  For the most part, the clinical information systems operate independently from each other with little or no knowledge shared between them. Data tends to flow in a single direction from the patient administration system (PAS) to the clinical information system (CIS) and all roads eventually lead to the final source of truth, the electronic Medical Record (eMR)…

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