Learning in Health Informatics Series – HL7 Part 1

Student blogs from Karolinska Institutet

Sorry for the delays in posting, but I’m embarking on a new series!

We had an interesting lecture the other day about Hëalth Level 7 (HL7). HL7 is a messaging standard developed by a non-profit organization of the same name. Basically, HL7 is used so that communications have the same format.

Mixed sentence: Delicious I eat cookies. adjective – subject – verb – object. (Does this mean that when I am delicious, I eat cookies?)
Normal Sentence: I eat delicious cookies. subject – verb – adjective – object

Mixed Sentence: Shortness of patient, unresponsive 80 age, 120 breath over 48 years.
Normal Sentence: Unresponsive patient 48 years age, 80 over 120, shortness of breath.

Of course, the documentation for the messaging system is a lot more complicated, and we’ll explore that in the next blog post. There’s a lot of syntax to learn. But standardization…

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