Paperless NHS Deadline brings ICT and Document Management innovators to UKHIF


The NHS is facing a challenging time as it undergoes a process of digitalisation and reorganisation. A number of reports have detailed the potential benefits that technology can bring to the healthcare sector, both for end users and service providers. A PwC and a National Mobile Health Worker report have highlighted the need to make better use of information and available technologies such as text messaging negative results, electronic patient records and electronic prescribing of medication. Our UK Health Informatics Forum brings together supplier expertise from within the Health Informatics sector including private sector companies focusing on ICT management, digital document management and electronic data capture. Altodigital, Kirona Ltd and Tiani Spirit are all organisations contributing their expertise in innovative ICT solutions at our Leeds forum.paperless-nhs

The NHS is expected to become a ‘Paperless ’organisation by 2018, enabling it to improve services, save money and cope with the challenges of…

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