Switching EHR

Switching EHR

Electronic Health Records Software

A Black Book Rankings survey reveals 17% of existing EMR users are not satisfied with their current solutions and plan to switch to a new one in a year. Recent KLAS statistics show as many as 50% of EHR implementations for replacing previous systems.

Switching EHRSwitching EHR

Nortec EHR solution is one of the best choices considered by users. If you are looking to replace your existing EMR / EHR, Nortec is your trusted partner for future.

Candidly, you should be aware that you are not alone in such dilemma because many physicians and groups are in a similar situation. In addition, the reasons to switch EHR are plenty, here are common problems faced by legacy EHRs:

•    Current vendor is insensitive and not responsive.
•    Support and training is unsatisfactory, comparing existing modules.
•    Clinicians are “fighting technology” instead of focusing on patients.
•    Current solution is problematic and difficult…

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