5 Top Physician Concerns About Electronic Medical Records and Their Solution

5 Top Physician Concerns About Electronic Medical Records and Their Solution

Healthcare IT

Taken from the perspective of human development, the health IT industry has entered its teenage phase in which physicians have adopted Electronic Medical Record systems, but face difficulty in proper implementation and assimilating it in their practice workflow. Following are some barriers that physicians persistently face while using EMR.

High financial costs deter small practice physicians

The high initial cost of EMR implementation at a practice is a major hurdle in adopting the system. Combined with an uncertainty about profits or monetary benefits, physicians running small practices get reluctant to invest in technology. Studies have shown that implementation of electronic medical records in a small to medium sized practice may cost from $16,000 to $36,000 per physician.

Solution: Implementing an EMR system can be heavy on physicians’ pockets, but they can make it a profitable investment by changing their practice workflow according to the demands and functionality of the…

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