Differentiating between EMRs and EHRs

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Differentiating between EMRs and EHRs

Several years back, I bought an LCD television. Last week, I replaced that LCD with a newer version, and one which was packed with several additional features such as touch screen internet access, a slimmer design, more connectivity options and HD compatibility. The old LCD is similar to an EMR for a practice, while the newer one with additional features is more like an EHR. And while both primarily serve the same purpose, here are some of the most significant distinctions between both the solutions.


Electronic medical records (EMRs) allowed paper charts in any doctor’s office to be automated. Furthermore, all the medical and treatment history of the patients within your practice can be stored on an EMR.

Apart from allowing you to track a patient’s data over time, your practice can benefit from an EMR’s help in identifying which of your patients need…

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