E-Discovery and Electronic Health and Medical Records

E-Discovery and Electronic Health and Medical Records


Brief summary of how Electronic Medical and Health Records are used in the E-Discovery.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Cb27lgUTPwY/T1Dk3mhsdzI/AAAAAAAAA1Q/30vp7SG-oxU/s1600/whereispatient.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Cb27lgUTPwY/T1Dk3mhsdzI/AAAAAAAAA1Q/30vp7SG-oxU/s1600/whereispatient.jpg

EHR and EMR are records that contain information which wERE historically on a patient’s paper chart. This information include’s a patient’s symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. (HealthIT). Through analysis of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), these records can be used to provide evidence during a pretrial proceeding or information for an entity performing preventative research or system maintenance.(Miller and Tucker 2012). When performing discovery of this ESI, or E-Discovery; a user can search, filter, and analysis large amounts of data contained within the EMR and EHRs. This process can be complex and demanding considering the large amounts of data, the multiple possible sources of data, and the unique language and procedures present in the Medical profession.


http://e-patients.net/u/2012/04/Globe-EMR-graphic-4-30-2012.jpg http://e-patients.net/u/2012/04/Globe-EMR-graphic-4-30-2012.jpg

There are large amounts of data because of both where the information can be stored and where…

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