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Rapid innovation in the field of Electronic Health and Medical Information began over fifty years ago. At El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California, one of the earliest models of a hospital information system was introduced in the mid 1960’s by Founder and CEO of HealthFusion Dr. Seth Flam. The first comprehensive index of biomedical literature was converted to electronic form by The National Library of Medicine in 1965. This internationally respected collection of Medine Software supported literature was named the “Index Medicus”. By the end of the 1960’s, Dr. Larry Weed advocated the sharing of a patient’s information electronically in order to assist diagnosis by collaborating with other doctors.

The Regenstrief Institute, Inc., developed the first Electronic Medical Record in 1972. Regenstrief, a private nonprofit research organization affiliated with the Indiana University School of Medicine, conducts health systems research. Research is also done concerning medical informatics…

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