How Technology Has Changed Healthcare

How Technology Has Changed Healthcare

New Amsterdam Genomics


Technology drives change in every industry, especially healthcare. New lab techniques are offering faster turnaround times for common tests, and research for treating the most serious diseases is progressing. The industry continues to find new ways to utilize computers as well. With the government offering incentives to health systems that transition to Electronic Health Records (EHR), the coordination of care is becoming a top priority for many of the nation’s leading healthcare networks. These new technologies and techniques are pushing the industry towards truly personalized medicine. Genomics, once thought of as the unattainable ideal, is poised to utilize all of these elements in order to maximize quality of care.

In this transitional period the healthcare industry has adopted new standards. Many studies are done within the field in order to measure the effectiveness of various aspects of care. This is how standards of care are determined, or deficiencies in practice…

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