Shadow IT: A Risk Proposition in Healthcare

The Pulse

The increasing use of technology in all aspects of healthcare creates many great opportunities as well as potential dangers.  Technology may open new avenues of care and facilitate the easier sharing of information among all providers participating in a patient’s care.  However, the same technology also presents the potential for sensitive healthcare information to be inappropriately accessed or exposed to public access, thus undermining the trust inherent in a provider-patient relationship.

Technology in healthcare can come in a number of forms too.  One common means are electronic health records (“EHR”) or electronic medical records.  Adoption of EHRs has been driven by government incentive payments.  The incentive payments subsidized, to an extent, the cost of acquiring and implementing the EHR for healthcare providers.  However, the rush to implement in order to take advantage of incentive payments resulted in systems that did not necessarily meet the needs of providers or take their…

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