Speech recognition: Is it helpful with your EHR?

EHR Reviews

A couple of decades back, Commander Spock’s endeavors in Star Trek were what I would affiliate speech recognition with. Who could have imagined talking to their computers to get things done? Today however, it’s not only the scientists in NASA experimenting with this technology.  Your friendly physician next door might be using some form of speech recognition to record his patient visits as well. 

Does that come as a surprise to you? Are you still getting acquainted to your EHR and the last thing you need is another technicality in the form of speech recognition?

Your fear of too much technology might be holding you back from a piece of gadgetry that can simplify your use of EHR as well.

Take a look at some of the major pros and cons of these tools and then decide.

You will have to invest time in training to ensure maximum efficiency


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