New Connected Glucometer brand launches at TechCrunch Conference

New Connected Glucometer brand launches at TechCrunch Conference

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Livongo Health launched at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2014

In a striking sign of how mHealth tech is becoming of growing interest to the mainstream tech industry (and vice versa) a new glucometer for diabetics has been launched at the TechCrunch Disrupt Tech industry conference in San Franciso.

I think it’s great to see more innovators trying to innovate with M2M tech but it’s a little concerning that in the intro video founder Glen Tullman is claiming the Livongo device to be “the first FDA approved two way interactive glucometer“:

Clearly Telcare has had a device in the market that is FDA approved and has embedded mobile connectivity (enabling two way interactivity) for years – click here to read some of my thoughts on this solution – and any Doctor or Endocrinologist (the key prescribers of glucometers to Diabetics) who is enlightened enough to be interested in mHealth and be considering the step change that is…

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