An Insight into Health Informatics

An Insight into Health Informatics

Student blogs from Karolinska Institutet

Over the past few months, since my admission to the Health informatics masters program at Karolinska Institutet, i have had to grapple with constantly answering two questions from friends and fellow students alike.”What program are you studying at KI?”,…which is usually followed up by,”What is health informatics?”….Making a quick flashback to this time last year,i seem to have had the same concerns though i had basic understanding of telemedicine and ehealth and knew health informatics was related to these fields.

This brings me to the first course i undertook at KI which was structured to provide answers and clarity on what health informatics is all about and scope of health informatics. Am going to highlight my personal understanding so far ,but will provide further personal insight on my experiences about the program on subsequent blogs.

Widerströmska huset lecture block for some HI courses Widerströmska huset lecture block for some HI courses

20140901_152546What is Health informatics all about?

The first…

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