Healthcare Isn’t Being Disrupted…Yet.

Healthcare Isn’t Being Disrupted…Yet.

Aaron Berdofe, MHI - Health Informatics


verb:  1. To cause disorder or turmoil in.  2. To destroy, usually temporarily, the normal continuance or unity of; to interrupt.  3. To break apart.

I know a lot of us in the Healthcare IT industry are used to filtering out buzzwords to evaluate whether something actually has value or not.  Take this buzzword heavy piece of shill  for example which is sad, but hillarious because of how earnest it is.  I can’t even type the title of “article” because my keyboard won’t take me seriously.  If I were playing drinking buzzword bingo to that piece, I would be dead drunk after the first paragraph (mostly dead).  Yet, while this is just one example of an inexhaustable supply of muckery, I have to admit, one buzzword still gets me to pause and notice just about everytime: Disruption.

The reason why this one gets me is that taken in an academic discussion…

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