Reducing “Excess” Readmissions to Hospitals

Reducing “Excess” Readmissions to Hospitals

Garlo Ward P.C.

Section 3025 of Obamacare penalizes hospitals for readmissions that the Central Authority deems excessive.   Those who run afoul of the edicts of the Central Authority are  penalized up to 3% for readmitting too many Medicare patients in a 30 day period.  CCHF recounts that these penalties are increasing.

In typical ham-handed fashion, the Central Authority cooks the books and skews the data:

Hospitals and other concerned parties who opposed the rules chastised the administration for:

·      Penalizing hospitals for what happens during the 30 days patients are not under hospital care.

·      Extrapolating results using medical record data from only 25 patients, potentially leading to inaccurate conclusions.

·      Not excluding from readmission review patients with “extreme conditions” such as organ transplants, end-stage renal disease, burns, psychosis and chemical dependence.

·      Not taking into account socioeconomic conditions of patients (e.g. race, geographic location, occupation, income, lifestyle, language, literacy).

·      Not distinguishing…

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