Cloud Gains Traction In Healthcare: Greater flexibility, access, and cost cutting prompt more healthcare organizations to adopt cloud technology.


By Alison Diana, Information Week

DECEMBER 2, 2014 – Healthcare providers are increasingly recognizing that the cloud empowers them to reduce costs, enhance agility, and improve insights. And many now are investing more heavily and expanding their cloud initiatives.

By 2020, 80% of healthcare data will “pass through the cloud at some point in its lifetime, as providers seek to leverage cloud-based technologies and infrastructure for data collection, aggregation, analytics and decision-making,” according to IDC Health Insights. More exciting for IT professionals, that same year the US healthcare cloud market will reach $3.54 billion, compared with $903.1 million in 2013, Frost & Sullivan predicted.

“Cloud storage and mobile in healthcare will explode and start becoming the norm rather than seen as the “innovators” choice,” Missy Krasner, managing director of healthcare and life sciences at Box, told InformationWeek last month.

[A giant step toward interoperability? Read DirectTrust Delivers Interoperable…

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