Introduction to Implementing Ontologies in the Web Ontology

Introduction to Implementing Ontologies in the Web Ontology

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The BioHealth Informatics group at the University of Manchester are pleased to invite you to participate in their internationally renowned OWL Ontology tutorials. It is to be hosted at the University of Manchester on 11 and 12 July 2011.


This two-day introductory “hands-on” workshop aims to provide attendees with both the theoretical foundations and practical experience to begin building OWL ontologies using the latest version of the Protg OWL tools (Protg4). It is based on Manchester?s well-known “Pizza tutorial“.

This tutorial will cover the main conceptual parts of OWL through the hands-on building of an ontology of pizzas and Their ingredients. A series of practical exercises take attendees through the process of conceptualizing the toppings found on a pizza; the entry of this classification into the Protg environment; the description of many types of pizza. All this is set in the context of using automated reasoning to…

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