Telemedicine and EHR: Changing the shape of Primary Care in rural areas

Healthcare IT

Primary care physicians are rapidly adopting the growing field of telemedicine to provide timely care to their patients. Coupled with primary care Electronic Health Records (EHRs), telemedicine enables physicians to defy place and time boundaries to assist patients with quality care.

This trend is gradually picking up pace among primary care practitioners in rural areas to help people who live wide distances apart. Through telemedicine, physicians can provide remote medical care to the patients who are in need of physician advice for non-emergency purposes.

Primary Care EHR

Some primary care physicians are hesitant to adopt telemedicine, fearing this approach may replace them physically and will have a devastating impact on their practice. Telemedicine physicians have proved them wrong.

Primary care physicians have been helping their patients with medical advice on the telephone for a long time. As time progressed, communication has become more face-to-face, using video conferencing which strengthens patient-physician relationship.


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