Health Decision Support Tools- معايير تساعد المرضى على إختيار الإطباء الجراحين الأكثر كفاءة في المخرجات

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACTS: Michael Tetreault (770) 455-1650, ext. 151 | Concierge and Direct Primary Care Doctors Can Now Refer Their Patients to Qualified Surgeons Based on Actual Medical Outcomes A new partnership equips Concierge and Direct Primary Care physicians with a tool to refer patients to Top Surgeons with a 4-year track […]

via Health Decision Support Tools: “We are breaking new ground here,” commented Haroon. “I truly believe the widespread use of our score will have a significant impact on patient safety as well as cost savings for those paying the bills, including self-insured employers.” — The Direct Primary Care Journal

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