Millennials Are Ditching the ‘Family Doctor’ Model. Here’s WHY.

Millennial preferences for convenience, fast service, connectivity and price transparency are upending the model of office-based primary care. — Read on


IHI Psychology of Change Framework

This white paper is a guide for all leaders interested in understanding the underlying psychology of change and leveraging its power to impact quality improvement efforts: to achieve breakthrough results, sustainably, at scale. Link:

Clinical Decision Support in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

"This Viewpoint is focused on the subset of decision support systems that are designed to be used interactively by clinicians as they seek to reach decisions, regardless of the underlying analytic methodology that they incorporate."  Link:

Getting Rid of Stupid Stuff

"We removed the row and informed nurses that what we were interested in was their usual documentation of the care they provided to patients. We were surprised to find that making this single click consumed approximately 1700 nursing hours per month at our four hospitals (given the average number of clicks per month and the …

Using information technology to improve the NHS (UK)

A look at the digitisation of secondary care and the healthcare system reported by the National Advisory Group on Health Information Technology in England. Link: "The advisory group, chaired by clinician and digital expert Professor Robert Wachter, advises the Department of Health and NHS England about making the secondary care system more digital. The …

إشراك المستخدمين أمر هام جدا لإنجاح أي مشروع: فشل برنامج بيانات الرعاية البريطاني أنموذجا

 الروابط التالية توضح أحد البرامج الفاشلة في نظام الصحي البريطاني (كير داتا او بيانات الرعاية)  والذي كان يهدف إلى  ربط سجلات المرضى بقاعدة بيانات حكومية موحدة شامله تستخدم لصالح المرضى ولصالح تطوير النظام الصحي البريطاني وذالك من خلال تحليل البيانات التي تم جمعها لتحسين اداء النظام وايضا لإتاحة فرصة أكبر للباحثين للاطلاع على البيانات والاستفادة منها.  …

Reading of Week 19 : Engaging Doctors in the Health Care Revolution

مشاركة الأطباء في ثورة القطاع الصحي By Toby Cosgrove, MD and Thomas H. Lee, MD  Harvard Business Review Webinar Video  المحاضرة تلخص المقالة العلمية ومدتها ساعة تقريبا. تتحدث عن الإصلاحات التي يجب القيام بها لإصلاح النظام الصحي الأمريكي الذي يعاني من عدة عوامل كا أرتفاع التكلفة وقلة الجودة الصحية المقدمة لعدد من المستهلكين. د. توبي …

Week 17th Reading: The Strategy That Will Fix Health Care

The Strategy That Will Fix Health Care Michael E. Porter Thomas H. Lee, MD FROM THE OCTOBER 2013 ISSUE "In health care, the days of business as usual are over. Around the world, every health care system is struggling with rising costs and uneven quality despite the hard work of well-intentioned, well-trained clinicians. Health care …