CDSS in the Era of AI

"This Viewpoint is focused on the subset of decision support systems that are designed to be used interactively by clinicians as they seek to reach decisions, regardless of the underlying analytic methodology that they incorporate."  Link:

Getting Rid of Stupid Stuff

"We removed the row and informed nurses that what we were interested in was their usual documentation of the care they provided to patients. We were surprised to find that making this single click consumed approximately 1700 nursing hours per month at our four hospitals (given the average number of clicks per month and the …

Evaluation of HIT, coordinated care and VBP

Evaluation of HIT, coordinated care and VBPDisease management and care coordination demon-strationsValue-based payment demonstrations"Brief reviews the outcomes of 10 major demonstrations—6 in the first category, 4 in the second—that have been evaluated by independent researchers"